Regular Wheelie Bin Collections 

  • Solid but easy to use 240 litre wheelie bins. Wheel it round the garden as you weed.
  • Collected from the kerbside once every 4 weeks (more or less often if required).
  • Cost from $20.00 per collection.

Regular Garden Bag Collections

  • Holds an amazing 600 litres but takes up surprisingly little space.
  • Collected by WGBC operators from your property once every 4 weeks(more or less often if required). You don’t have to move it!
  • Cost from $20.00 per collection.
Extra Features of our Service 

  • If you subscribe to our regular service you may postpone your collection if necessary.
  • Extra collections are available for busy times in the garden at $20.00 for a Wheelie bin and $30.00 for a garden bag.
  • Extra Bins and bags are available for either Wheelie bin or Garden Bag customers.
  • Email reminders the day prior to your collection, to remind you that your collection is due.
  • Calendar of collection dates is supplied so you you’ll know when to expect a pick-up.
  • Payment is required in advance in blocks of $80.00 for four Wheelie bin collections or $90.00 for three Garden bag collections. To ensure uninterrupted collection your account must be in credit at all times.